Friday 19 October 2012

NOTD: Perfect Autumn Shade | Mushroom

If you haven't already read my haul post from the Model's Own 50% Summer Sale then you're missing out so go HERE and give it a read. I picked up a total of 14 different shades from the Model's Own sale at just £2.50 each. I'd never tried Model's Own before this huge splurge so I was taking a bit of a risk when I went wild on their website and threw 14 bottles into my online basket and just crossed my fingers that I would like them. Fortunately, I love them.

The first that I decided to try out was Naked Shimmer because when I lined all of the bottles up in a row this was the one that stood out to me as my favourite. It looks very similar to a Leighton Denny varnish that I used to have called Supermodel and I loved it so much that I used up every last drop of two whole bottles and then couldn't face spending £12 on it for the 3rd time so this is my perfect bargain dupe. 

I instagrammed a picture of my nails while I was wearing Naked Shimmer - isn't it beautiful?

In some lights it looks pink, in some it looks brown, in some it looks grey, but in all of them it looks gorgeous. Some of you may find this shade a little 'plain', or 'boring' and I supposed it is really but to me it's the most perfect nude shade. With a barely-there gold shimmer running through it, it gives your nails a sophisticated and perfectly manicured look but in a very subtle way. There is no outfit that could clash with this shade and no occasion that it wouldn't be right for, plus it could be perfect for the workplace where perhaps brightly coloured nails aren't permitted. Weddings, formal occasions, or just on a day where you don't know what colour to pick then this will be perfect. 
Who'd have thought someone could gush so much over a nude nail varnish? 

Moving on, this post was supposed to be about Mushroom! After wearing Naked Shimmer for four days without getting a single chip at all I was very impressed and couldn't wait to try out the next nail polish in the line-up which was this unique shade called Mushroom. It's a very hyped up and talked about shade in nail varnish posts so I had to get it to see the fuss and if I was to describe this colour without using the word 'mushroom' I'd have to say that it is predominantly grey; a blue/green/grey/taupe.

I would absolutely say that this is THE perfect autumn shade for nails.

It's classic and chic and appropriately dark for the season but an easier colour to wear than black (I don't like wearing black on my nails, it's a bit full on). I keep looking at my fingers trying to decide what colour it really is as it's unlike anything I've ever seen before and it's definitely eye-catching. The quality it also fantastic and could have used just one coat for full opacity but used two out of habit. The varnish dried really quickly, streak free and with a high shine.
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  1. naked shimmer is gorgeous!
    hope you're well mrs?
    pop over for a chat soon.
    laura xx

  2. Both of these polishes look gorgeous, perfect for autumn! :D

  3. love love love naked shimmer...I wonder why ive never come across it before! Lovely :)

  4. I love models own,t hat colour is gorgeous :) Btw you have looovely nails!

    Sophierosehearts x

  5. love that mushroom colour, so pretty for autumn!


  6. Love the taupe shade, great alternative to the leighton denny one!
    ps.chek out my beauty giveaway!!

  7. Naked shimmer looks lovely x

  8. Naked shimmer is such a gorgeous shade!

  9. I love Naked Shimmer. I've been using Utopia by Models Own at the min, I love their polishes!

    Chloe xx


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