Tuesday 30 October 2012

Monthly Favourites | October

~ October Favourites ~
Just a small favourites post this month - only 4 products.
Here's what I loved and why:
Soap & Glory - Scrub Your Nose In It
Until recently I was never really 'into' Soap and Glory products; I saw them everywhere and everyone was talking about them but they were just a brand that I dismissed quite easily and didn't really understand them as the price tag is hardly cheap but I think that the packaging makes them look that way. One day I decided to give into the hype surrounding their hand cream 'Hand Food' and because of a 3 for 2 offer I picked up 'Scrub Your Nose In It' too, mainly because it was something Fleur (De Force) had mentioned once in passing and I thought that if someone with amazing skin like she does, uses and loves it then it's good enough for me! It costs £7.50 for 125ml but there are often offers on this brand or Boots in general meaning you could get it cheaper but I think that's reasonable as I've only been using a tiny pea sized amount each time and a little goes a really long way so I can't see me running out any time soon. You apply to damp skin and rub around your face, focussing on the congested areas around the nose and chin - the exfoliating grains in this scrub are so super tiny and gentle you can barely feel them and this is one of the most refreshing scrubs I have ever used. It feels a little bit tingly but I like that feeling, it makes me feel clean! It's also a multi-use product and can be left sitting on the skin for a couple of minutes as a clay mask before washing away. I don't think I've been using this long enough to notice a drastic reduction in blackheads or blocked pores but it definitely feels good to use! This won't break the bank so if you're looking for a new scrub or wanting to try out a Soap and Glory product I would highly recommend starting with this.
 Ginvera - Green Tea Marvel Whitening Gel
I have done a full and detailed review on this product which you can see HERE if you're interested in reading a little bit more. This exfoliating gel is of Asian origin and boasts 10 benefits to the skin; not only does it claim to reduce blackheads and improve the surface of skin but it also promises to regulate and reduce sebum production to prevent blemishes - wonder product! This slimey green gel is rubbed around dry skin with dry fingers and literally peels away the dead skin cells in a painless and almost enjoyable way ..although it is a little bit gross physically seeing the dead skin come away from your face. I've been loving this product as it brings a new lease of life to the skin, taking away the dead layers and leaving behind new, fresh and glowing skin and also helps with in reduction in the appearance of scars, marks, pigmentation and other blemishes.

The Body Shop - Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream

I didn't really want to buy this, I was talked into it by a very pushy sales assistant but I am now extremely grateful for her pushy ways as this is now my favourite, go to, every day moisturiser. This costs £10.00 a tub which I think is maybe a tad expensive but The Body Shop run offers and discounts all the time so it's very rare that you would ever need to pay the full price for this. It's an extremely light weight moisturiser, almost a gel like consistency and sinks into the skin literally instantly which makes it easy to apply foundation on top almost straight away, and as it is targetted for oily skin is doesn't leave a dewy shine on the skin like other moisturisers do - it leaves a matte finish but nourishes the skin, moisturises dry areas and leaves your face feeling soft and smooth. Why have I never found a mattifying moisturiser earlier?! I normally shy away from moisurisers because I'm scared of how they will combine with my oily skin but this one is the perfect solution.

Carex Hand Sanitising Gel

Bit of an unexpected favourite really but I thought I'd throw something different into the mix. I'm not an avid user of these hand sanitising gels as I'm not particularly a germ freak, but I have been using this more over the past two weeks as I've been ill (sniffly runny nose with a cough and a cold, nothing serious!) and thought that everytime I cough or sneeze (nice) I don't want to continue spreading my germs around for other people to catch, so I've just been squirting a bit of this onto my hands every now and again in attempt to keep myself a bit more sterile. I've recently been using it before touching my face when applying make-up too as no one wants grubby fingers on their face. This particular gel is a lot better than any others I have tried in the past as normally I cannot stand them. This one smells lovely and fruity (no hint of alcohol like some do), absorbs really quick into the skin (many promise this but fail to live up to the claim), it doesn't sit on the skin and feel greasy or feel like there's a layer of 'something' on them that needs washing off, it's got a handy pump dispenser to not waste product, and best of all it's cheap and cheerful - £1. I can't comment on how well it kills 99% of germs but let's just assume that it does and here we have a winning product!


  1. That moisturiser sounds like something i need, and i love the Ginvera Gel, so amazing!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. ah I love soap and glory and even better when you get a deal on it!


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  3. I really want to try the Ginvera product, it sounds gorgeous. I've got Scrub your nose in it, I've had it for absolutely aaaagees, I use it weekly, I love the tingle but worry it might be too harsh to use more often than that xx

  4. There are so many Soap and Glory products on my wishlist at the moment, and this is one of them.

    The mattifying moisturiser sounds like something I need. I'll look into it.

    Charlotte xo

  5. The ginvera whitening gel is definitely something that would be perfect for me! I used to use scrub your nose in it, went through two during the year and completely forgot to repurchase!

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  6. i love soap and glory, it's definitley a favourite brand :), we'll have to try out the body shops day cream!

    domandellie.blogspot.co.uk xx

  7. i have an oily complexion also, i will be keeping my eye open for the mattefying cream on my next body shop haul :) thanks.


  8. Going to try the Seaweed day cream now as it sounds lovely x


  9. Hey, Great post! I absolutely adore the S&G scrub your nose in it. Use it every day it's got such a fresh smell.
    Emma x
    100 follower nail goodies giveaway happening now :)

  10. i'm glad you reviewed soap & glory... i've been hearing such good things about it, but always just keep dismissing it, thinking it's just a fad and i can find something better, or already have a product that works just as well. i've been putting it off buying a body lotion by soap & glory, but after this review i think you're persuaded me and i'm just going to go ahead & try it :)

    i followed you!

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