Wednesday 17 October 2012

Review: Ginvera Exfoliating Gel

Hello. Today I'm bringing you all another review and I wanted to talk about a new love in my life - the Ginvera 'Marvel Whitening Gel', also known as an 'exfoliating gel'. This is the second of Ginvera's products I have tried and tested; the first being their BB cream which I did not rate very highly, and the second being this little God send! Both of the Ginvera products I discovered thanks to my SheSaid beauty box subscription and I loved the sample size of this so much that I splashed out to get myself the full size 60ml bottle. The full size does cost £22.00 but I trust that it will last a long time and work wonders for my skin.

This product originates from Asia (along with all of the original BB creams), hence the curious name of marvel whitening gel which I have recently learnt from another blog that 'whitening' is an Asian term and process that they use on they're skin that we don't here in the UK.
The product is really simple and easy to use: apply to dry skin with dry fingers, simply massage around the face and you can literally see the dead skin cells peeling away from your face! I couldn't really believe what was happening the first time I used it. You then splash away the product with cool water and the result you are left with is quite amazing - my skin looked so bright and clear, and to the touch felt silky smooth. Just a tiny blob of this green gel had done all of that to my skin with one little rub around my face! Don't believe me? You should definitely try this out for yourself.
If you cannot see clearly enough on the picture below then here are the 10 benefits of use that Ginvera promises:
1. Rubs away deep layers of dead skin cells
2. Rubs away blackheads painlessly
3. Contracts pores for refined skin (because dead skin cells have been removed from pores)
4. Lightens black spots, freckles and scars (..possibly where the 'whitening' term has come from?)
5. Removes oil seeds
6. Regulates sebum production to prevent pimples
7. Brightens dull complexion
8. Changes dark, rough skin to smooth skin
9. Whitens skin as it gives way to newborn skin (this one sounds weird to me!)
10. Enhances quick absoption of products
Sounds good right? You may be wondering why I'm wanting to use such a product - do I want 'whiter' skin? No, I actually adore a good tan, but what I do want it clearer skin. To have my dead skin cells lifted away the easiest way possible and have scars and dark marks fade away? Who doesn't want that? And what's easier than massaging onto dry skin and then rinsing away? I now cannot see myself without this in my skincare routine and think it could be hard to find something to top it! I have been using a combination of products recently to assist the fading of scars and I've noticed a big, big difference. So this Ginvera gel is not working alone but it definitely my favourite product to use in my current skincare routine and I just cannot get enough of it! I now use it both morning and evening when I wash my face for maximum effect and I am loving the idea of it giving my skin a fresh new lease of life - PLUS controlled sebum production with continued use sounds fab too as that should technically mean no more spots.


What do you think of this product?
Have you ever tried this or anything else by Ginvera?
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  1. Ahh i really want the fullsize, but so pricey ): Great review, it is so amazing isn't it!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Wow! Zero blackheads in just one step? That sounds promising. I have the Ginerva Green Tea BBcream and I like it, I'd love to try this gel as well :) x

  3. Great review i definatley wanna give this a go now, another thing i would recommend for spot scaring is Ren Gen cream its a lot like bio oil but cream form so its good whatever your skin type :)

  4. Wow, sounds like a miracle worker! Do you think this could help with pesky blackheads on my nose? xo

  5. Thank you for the great review. I just bough this product and it works like a charm. I could not believe the amazing results. At first i seriously though this is another money waster but now i have no regrets!


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